Hot Sale Single Door Gas Cabinet With Steel Structure For Safety Equipment

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Место происхождения: Гуандун, Китай (материк)
Фирменное наименование: SUCLAB
Сертификация: SEFA SGS ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS
Номер модели: ХУАЗХИДЖУН-508
Количество мин заказа: 2 шт
Упаковывая детали: Нормальные коробки экспорта
Время доставки: 15 дней после получения
Условия оплаты: EXW, T/T
Поставка способности: 5000 ЧАСТЕЙ КАЖДЫЙ МЕСЯЦ
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Hot Sale Single Door Gas Cabinet With Steel Structure For Safety Equipment

Technical Parameters of Single Door Gas Cabinet:

Product Name Single Door Gas Cabinet
Material  Steel Structure
Size L600*W450*H1800mm
Place 1 Pieces
Weight 50kg
Power Supply AC220V, 50HZ
Return to normal working time ≤ 30s
Power 40W (exhaust State)
Alarm Mode Sound and light alarm
Alarm Volume ≥ 80dB
Response Time ≤ 30s


Specifications of Single Door Gas Cabinet:

1.1.0mm cold rolled steel plate, sheet metal structure blasting points based on position in Cabinet back, effectively preventing accident hazard control at the same time to a minimum.

2.Epoxy coating both inside and outside of the Cabinet, acid and alkali and organic solvent.

3.Using three-point linkage, lock control, increase the impact resistance of the door.

4.With cable fixation cylinders, stability and superior performance.

5.Using a metal handle. Facilitate the smooth opening. 

6.All steel hinges to ensure smooth opening of the door at the same time in increased firm.

7.Gas cylinders are classified into ordinary type, automatic alarm.


Alarm system:

This alarm system can be continuous and automatic monitoring indoor gas, acetylene, hydrogen, methane, and other gases that leaked and reached explosive concentrations: minimum 0.1 (LEL)-ceiling 0.25 (LEL) in alert probe sensor will sense that and when, effectively avoid the accident gas manufacture.

* Lights: when the accident occurred, photoelectric alarms;

* Buzzer: when the accident occurred, and audible alarms;

* Ring tone switch: when the alarm sounds agitated this sound can be switched off;

* Exhaust switch: the alarm stops automatically after pressing this switch can exhaust gases in the Cabinet;

* Test switch: test that the warning lamp and buzzer works switches;

* Power switch: cylinder Cabinet power switch;


Maintenance and precautions:

* Please do not gave too much gas, so as not to damage the sensors;

* Do not close to the alarm system make heavy use of pesticides, alcohol and so on;

* Long outages in power, such as a short alert is normal;

* If outside because immediately extinguished fire, turn off the air supply, open the doors and Windows, ventilation, and then find the cause, and then processed accordingly depending on the situation.


Photos of Single Door Gas Cabinet:

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